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Our First Love Leads to Heartbreak!

We love Toyota Land Cruisers. In fact, the Vintage Cruiser Company was born out of a simple desire to own the very best Toyota Land Cruiser we could find.

I remember driving down the road one day and seeing a blue FJ40 perched up on a display ramp, and thinking that it was the most beautiful 4×4 that I had ever seen. I didn’t know the first thing about Toyota Land Cruisers but I was instantly hooked.

I purchased her and thus began the love affair!

Just when I got her looking and driving the way I wanted her, which incidentally my two young boys called “papa’s fire truck,” someone asked if she was for sale. Naturally, I initially declined, but the gentleman offered a price I just couldn’t refuse, and just like that, she was gone.

But no sooner than I handed over the title, did seller’s remorse set in, but it was too late, “papa’s fire truck” was gone, and my two young boys were heartbroken!

A New Adventure Begins!

So we searched and searched for another one, but to no avail, until one day my boys fell head-over heels with an HJ45 pickup truck. The only problem was that it was located in Costa Rica. I had never been to Costa Rica.

So the adventure began!

How would I buy it? Who would help with the shipping? What paperwork was required to clear US customs? I had no clue, but I was compelled, nevertheless, to fly to a foreign country, and to dive head first, and fool heartedly, without knowing just how deep the water was, so that I could un-break my boy’s hearts. They say love is blind, and it’s really true. It inspires one to take a leap of faith, and empowers the adventure in all of us.

So with eyes wide shut, I booked a flight and headed over to paradise!

Disappointment Leads to Discovery!

However, when I got to Costa Rica, having traveled more than 3000 miles, the adventure seemed to be over before it began.

I was so disappointed with the condition of the HJ45!

It was heartbreaking, but I was determined to enjoy my trip nevertheless, so I took a drive through the countryside, and what I saw next was nothing short of amazing. The mountains were covered with beautifully cultivated coffee plantations as far as they eye could see, but even more astonishing, there were Vintage Toyota Land Cruisers everywhere transporting coffee beans.

It was incredible, it was like traveling back in time. So I spent the rest of my trip looking for just the right Vintage Land Cruiser… and it did not take long before I found her.

Now the hard part… bringing her back to my boys!

The Unyielding Hand of Fate!

Well, as it turns out, fate seemed to be on my side. Through a series of chance encounters, and what otherwise seemed to be just blind luck, everything fell into place.

In no time, I figured out the logistics of exporting out of Costa Rica and into the USA. Looking back, I have no idea how I managed to cut through all the red tape so quickly, but thank God, I managed it some how.

Well, to make a long story short, no sooner than the our very fisrt Vintage Cruiser™ from Costa Rica cleared customs and was titled in Florida, did an owner of a large orange grove plantation in Clermont offer to buy it. I promised my boys we could get another one of “papa’s fire trucks," and thus the Vintage Cruiser Company was born.

The rest, as they say, is history!




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